PowerMill stairclimber

Lead DesignerSteve Ward
Prize(s)1st Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
Entry Description


The Powermill™ stairclimber is designed for use in commercial gyms and health clubs. The Powermill™ provides a high-intensity cardio workout and is designed for users of all abilities. The challenge was how to bring a new product in to the mature market of stairclimbers with enough differentiation and distinct value to stand above the established brands.

The aesthetics of the Powermill™ are crafted to fit Life Fitness’s premium (Elevation™) cardio line. Inspiration came from the automotive industry where subtle and complex form transitions on large surfaces are commonplace. These details help to break up the surfaces as well as to give added structure to these parts.

In addition to visual dynamics, the Powermill™ offers pragmatic features and benefits for users and gym staff in these ways:

Touch Points
• Start/stop and speed controls on the hand grips make it easy to adjust intensity without disrupting the workout.
• User accommodations for various water bottles and electronic gear storage are designed at the optimal position so as not to distract from the workout experience.
• The smooth, motor-driven system allows for 25 speed levels.
• 205” of usable step space is the largest in the fitness industry.
• The anti-toe-pinch design eliminates the feeling of pressure against toes as the riser and steps rotate.
• Touch-screen displays steps per minute, time, resistance level, and heart rate.
• Speed settings are highly adjustable for reconditioning or high-intensity interval training.
• Durable finishes and shrouds protect from cleaning agents and sweat on frames, mechanical and electronics. This in turn helps reduce maintenance costs.

The Powermill™ stairclimber brings a distinct advantage to the market by utilizing an AC motor. The motor system allows for a wide range of speeds including slow speeds for reconditioning and faster speeds for high-intensity interval training (HIIT).