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ONG&ONG Kuala Lumpur Office

CompanySCA design (Member of the ONG&ONG Group)
Lead Designers
ClientChrisandra Heng
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The revamped ONG&ONG’s Kuala Lumpur office sets the tone
for all future international bases and encapsulates the
corporate vision “to be the designers of our age”.

A set of spaces meant to encourage free expression of
creativity and innovation, the new office rejects any overt
reference to a conventional office by injecting a quirky sense
of fun in terms of scale, form and materials. A distinctive
workspace that encourages brainstorming is hence born.

Large open working spaces with broad connecting walkways,
engineered effects and shapes remind one of a sleek machine
where all the parts are connected. In places, the sense of a
construction site is evoked, bringing to mind the process of
building and creation: glass girders instead of iron support a
glass wall, faux marble I-beams jut out of walls and form a
counter running the length of an enclosed space leading to
the offices. A curved wall suggests walking through a huge
rolled steel tube about to be installed in a structure.

The main communal office space is quietly functional and
subtly understated, but with a table tennis table in the midst
as a reminder for regular breaks. A conference room is crisp
and starkly white – distraction free, while semi-enclosed
spaces provide areas for client meetings and informal

Here and there are bursts of colour: orange walls, green
carpets and wall carpeting, as well as red overhead pipes that
are crisscrossed by LED lighting and interrupt the more
underplayed tones of the office. The use of materials and
textures – brick, wood and steel – reminds one of the
contents of a designers’ tool-kit.

The new office offers a creative team an inspirational space
where their ideas can be nurtured, and where they are
empowered to provide their best to clients.