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CompanySCA design (Member of the ONG&ONG Group)
Lead Designers
ClientBrandon Liu
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) is widely perceived as a
growing gateway to the global market place and an institution
that upholds the strictest standards of transparency. When
designing the new SGX, insights from staff and customer alike
made the design team realise that this traditional institution
is undergoing a rapid transformation; this called for entirely
new design concepts that facilitated new ways of relationship
building, working and approaching technology.

Two working sites were created: a centrally located SGX
Centre that focuses on client engagement and a Vista Site that
focuses on staff development and teambuilding. The motifs,
patterns and textures of the stock exchange display boards
were used to create a series of signature motifs to connect
the spaces within and across the sites, and capture the
importance of communication to the organisation.

At client-centric SGX Centre, a series of open, highly visible
spaces clarifies the organisational values of openness and
transparency. Clear glass and pierced screen walls are
prevalent throughout, be it the meeting suite, a broadcasting
studio, working and training or control and trading spaces.

The SGX Centre also offers a market place, a financial
bookshop and refreshment area; not to mention a
multipurpose room that functions as office, lounge or dining

Transparency plays an equally important role in the concept
design of SGX Vista, with its large, open reception area,
glass-walled meeting rooms, and informal mini-markets on
each floor. These are designed as informal, collaborative
spaces for discussions, meetings, or general congregation
areas. Each floor has its own colour-coded entry lobby with a
“Virtual Hello” that provides a digital map and other important

Overcoming the diversity of activities operating within SGX’s
offices, the new SGX captures the essence of its business
while providing a highly efficient and functional workspace
for employees.