kinema active chair - the evolution of behaviour ergonomics

Lead DesignerStefan Zoell
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules
Entry Description

Change inside your head!
For health´s sake!

When looking at the human gait, you can observe that it doesn´t follow a horizontally steady level but slight up and down movements of the whole body. They do not only support the intraarticular movement between the joints but they also ensure the movement of the inner organs.

Today´s seated workplaces only offer a physical activity behaviour on two levels in the recommended basic ergonomics with a 60% share for sitting and a 30% share for standing while 10% of the working hours should be spent walking.

Kinema creates a new user experience – elevated sitting and individual stand sitting.

The space between sitting and standing is tightly integrated into the basic ergonomics of the workplace and therefore it allows for a physical activity behaviour that offers dynamic sitting even in a vertical motion in contrast to a pure rotating movement of a dynamic swivel chair with an anteverted and retroverted sitting posture.

Following our body´s biomechanics, kinema active chair therefore is the first seating furniture that can also be used for elevated sitting or as standing seat. With this you offer your body and soul two additional health-promoting postures, especially as far as workplaces with height-adjustable desks are concerned. And this can be obtained within seconds thanks to a childishly simple switch function.

The evolution of behaviour – new basic ergonomics!

The widely protected mechanics of the kinema active chair changes the rotary movement of customary swivel chairs with dynamic sitting function into a health-promoting vertical movement and by doing so it opens up new opportunities in behaviour ergonomics and the usability of height-adjustable desks. It is more than just sitting or standing! kinema active chair doesn´t only offer you sitting and standing at your workplace with height-adjustable desks but also elevated sitting and stand sitting as additional features and therefore two postures with a very low stress of your lumbar region. While sitting strains your lumbar vertebra with 1.500 Newton and standing with a value of 1.000 Newton, the one for elevated sitting and stand sitting amounts to only 500 Newton.

Thus, a height-adjustable desk can be used more intensively namely at all levels between sitting and standing!

Kinema active chair is a customizable sit-stand sit product that can be smoothly and flexibly adjusted to its user´s body and requirements so that it combines various stand sit and sit postures in one piece of furniture.

And with an eye to desk sharing working worlds you offer your user the largest possible freedom as far as the individual usage of the workplace is concerned.

Your body will show its appreciation!