Soul Movie Offices

Lead DesignerPaola Oliva & Marco Marotto
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The Soul Movie Entertainment is a company that provides production services and post audiovisual production with a brand with a strong urban footprint: a review of the well-known symbol of the London Underground. This strong trait gives the opening words to the creation of a space that reinterprets the innovative urban concept of "UNDERGROUND" by exploring chaotic flow lines conveyed in metro stations. The feeling of entering into a metropolitan area in which everybody is going for embarking on a travel, is strong from the entrance: the sliding door with the logo of the company opens like in a subway, introducing the passenger in an emotional atmosphere. Visually, the eye is immediately caught by an unidentified object: a huge solid red faceted that contains within it the spearhead of the offices, the DaVinci Resolve, the most powerful and innovative system of color correction. From this conceptual meteorite, in collision with the environment sub-urban, start multiple cuts of light that symbolize the underground lines, each of which has a specific color and a predetermined path, which leads guests to the doors of the offices that conceptually representing the different stops on the metro route. The decor inside each office audio-video production is coordinated to the color of specific metro line in addition to being studied in detail. The entrance to the offices is characterized by the presence of the trail for visually-impaired typical of the underground and from the classic warning graphic metropolitan London "Mind the gap". An element of a break with the classic suburban environment is the green: grass cuttings and bamboo plants adorn the offices, giving an added value in terms of comfort, harmony and sensory pleasure.


Brain Factory - Architecture & Design was founded after a long creative partnership between the architect Paola Oliva and the designer Marco Marotto.
Essential foundation of the design choices of the firm is the creative research that exploits the capabilities of intelligent design, without neglecting the aesthetic side, hence the choice of the name Brain Factory. The philosophy of the firm leads to design and implement projects with great awareness, recognizing in the quality of work an added value for the customers and that’s why every step of the design is followed with care and attention to detail.
From interior to landscape design, from packaging to product design: these are the areas of study design.
The creative spark that triggers the design of any project is the cardinal principle of the study, at the continuous search for innovation and uniqueness.