Architect's Office @ Kim Yam Road

CompanyPark Associates Pte Ltd
Lead DesignerLim Koon Park
ClientChristina Thean
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The site is a former school compound which was built in the
60s. The school was vacated in 2001 and the building was
subsequently converted into a commercial development in

The premise is located where the old library hall used to be.
Situated at the highest part of the building, it contains an
expanse of column free space crowned by a series of barrel

Louvre windows that extend from floor to arch allow natural
light and air to flow through in abundance.

Even though the existing space was taken over in a derelict
state its immense potential was immediately recognised.
Like Kahn’s brick, the space was articulate in what it wants
to be, which provided the point of departure for the project.

Seeking to celebrate and activate the intrinsic qualities of
the existing space, the scheme is conceived as an
orchestration of varied and contextually sensitive spatial
experiences instead of the function-centric approach typical
of office design.

It dovetails with the design direction, which rejects the
rigidity of the typical bureau in favour of a creative
environment that challenges conventions and celebrates
informal spaces – an Anti-Office.

This approach creates seamless informal spaces where
functional boundaries become ambiguous. The resultant
plethora of physical settings accommodates the manifold
activities of an Anti-Office fluidly.


Park + Associates seeks to create coherent spaces where function and beauty speak a common language. For the firm, the dialogue of architectural elements shapes a space, takes it beyond its everyday, functional character. It is with this ethos that Park + Associates pursues a vision of architecture as a fundamental articulation of space and form, through which beauty and purity can be discovered.

The firm’s strategy is one of subtraction and control to preserve the necessary simplicity of spaces. Each project is undertaken with a rigorous eye for detail, placement and materials, with an artistic sensitivity to the “intangibles” of light, space and form. Charting a journey for the user in an unique space; creating sophisticated spaces that inspire, invigorate, and refine the senses – that is what Park + Associates sets out to achieve.

In tandem with its explorations of spaces, the firm remains sensitive to environmental concerns, seeking to appropriate eco-friendly materials and strategies into each project.