Lead DesignerJacksam Yang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Whether a space could respond to the original connotation of the occupants, it is combined creative arts and fine crafts; elaborate narrative vividly integrated colors into life.
Inlay fourteen continuous and rhythmic faint ink art paintings on a vertical domain. While opening and closing, it creates a static rhythm and dynamic screens with curved lines. Such as a reel-like hanging on the ceiling lightly, plump and round. It also extends climbing on walls and columns; spreads to the whole room.


YHS studio is a diverse construction / interior design company, which design works present various thoughts of design aspects and the abundant of East- West cultural confluence. Architectural design shows respect to the surrounding environment for the land and the issues; respect to the basic texture and material properties, then give a brand new interpretation. Professionally good at architecture and implanted lots natural landscape elements in interior, which constitute "light, screen shadow, wind, water flow," intertwined.