House for Installation

Lead DesignerJun Murata
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

It is the renovation of an outmoded and dysfunctional residence. The dwelling is comprised of clear forms, minimalist detailing, and a thoughtful composition of lighting. The design seeks to promote a tranquil and open environment, appropriate to the lifestyle of the artist client. Beyond living spaces, the inside contains an atelier, an office and exhibition areas. A simple material palette includes white walls and ceilings, complemented by wood floors and furnishings. Simplicity, flexibility and elegant use of light define spaces, an abstract setting for calmness, meditation and creativity.
In the traditional Japanese room, there is an alcove called ''Toko''.
Here, in this old and useless space, I restored new modern space for the installation and living while granted the rationality and functionality, and translated it as new modern ''Toko''.
Given the bad condition of the structure and the severe cost of a rebuilding the building altogether, I considered carefully how should redevise the space in order to provide enough natural light to the inside space without making new windows. All the unnecessary walls were removed, the old structure was dismantled and a lighting study was performed. In addition, it narrows the soft natural light from the south, amplified the intensity of it with proceeding inside space. Finally the rooms were repositioned so that natural light, can circulate around the house.
This new improved layout allows when the doors and windows are open, wind, light and sounds to pass through the house and created a dynamic flow of the daily life. Perfection is in the details. The decoration in this House for Installation is a perfect example of Japanese minimalism. Dominant white color, clean forms and an almost poetic symmetry characterize this residence. Yet the trained eye will spot the carefully positioned lighting and beautiful flooring that show style and substance.


1976 Born in Osaka
1999 Graduated Kinki University, Faculty of Engineering / Shinichi Ogawa Lab.
1999 Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates / Associate Architect
In charge of domestic works and photograph : White Temple / Metal Office / Silent Office / Breathing Factory / House in Ise / House in Matsusaka - Parametric Fragments, and international projects and competitions.
2005 TYMDL / Partner
2006- ‚ÄčTeaching at AEDD, Faculty of Design Tech., OS Univ.
2014- ‚ÄčTeaching at Department of Architecture, Setsunan Univ

2012 JAM Arc. / Founder

JAM's various creative design works are based on the knowledge cultivated by the experience of practical architecture, the method of the architectural education, and various experiences of design trips abroad.

The main range of the his design activities are the fields of Living Space, interior, Architecture, Landscape and Photograph - and it will probably be expanded to Installation, Graphic, Furniture and Industrial design, etc.