LeapVox All In One IP/PBX

Lead DesignerDr. Hakan Gürsu
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Prize(s)1st Place in Office Equipment / Telecommunications
Entry Description

LeapVox is a professional and affordable all-in-one communication device for SMBs and home office users. Combining many functions in one small box, LeapVox designed for Voxporta is a single device which brings a smart solution to all your internet and other communication needs. Instead of the huge rack mount cabinets occupying too much space yet been so hard to handle, Leapvox comes forward with its space saving system and ease of use. Beside the comfort in general uses, it also maintains the simplicity to control on such situations as moving your office, expanding your business. It brings together a flexible IP phone system with embedded mail and web servers in one device and offers seamless integration of all Office communication tools. The Platform also allows a secure and reliable wireless communications network through Wi-Fi and VoIP.
Leapvox offers the enterprise-level functionalities of IP / PBX and much more at an affordable price. With its elegant design and state-of-the-art software, LeapVox combines Office, mobile and VoIP phones and many other Office functions…all in one affordable box.


HAKAN GURSU was born on 1959 in Istanbul. He graduated from Middle East Technical University as first rank student in 1987. He took his master’s degree from Department of Architecture in 1988. Gursu, continued his project studies at Japan in 1991 and completed his Ph.D studies in 1996. He worked as consultant on interior architecture and city planning in Moscow and Tokyo.
He contributed in the design of registered product design in the context of university and industry collaboration. Still he is going on his duites as an instructor in the Department of Industrial Design in METU and Designnobis.