Trouble On Your Mind

Lead DesignerMuh Chen
ClientMuh Chen
Project LinkView
Prize(s)2nd Place in Multimedia / Broadcast Design
Entry Description

Remembering tough moments back in time, enormous
pressure created within stoped us from moving on. It feels
extremely painful to get through time. Time will always find
its way to pass no matter we decide to face it or not. The
moment we make it through, we then become more
mature. To retrace our memories, the sustenance of life is
composed with those tough moments. The video of "Trouble
On Your Mind" represents the Museum of Life, it exhibits
love, hatred and passion of lifetime. By showcasing hard
times of life in slow motion emphasizes the concept of how
one moment could be infinity as the artist performed in the
lyrics " A moment is eternity".


In 2005, We founded production studio Grass Jelly in Taipei, which provides thorough visual production services from directing to CG, VFX and live-action. Grass Jelly has become one of the best visual production companies in Asia as it successfully draws wide media attention, and is invited to participate cross-country, high-end campaigns for television commercials and music videos. In 2013, a Pepsi television commercial featuring Momo Wu built up impressive brand awareness. Its music video version broke a record for music videos in Chinese-speaking Asia with a 100 million click-through-rate over an internet media platform.

We have dedicated the past decade of our careers to directing breathtaking visual artworks by integrating filmmaking arts and digital technology in CG/VFX. Our work has won or been nominated for numerous international visual awards, including the Red Dot Design Award (Germany), the iF Design Award (Germany), the MTV Europe Music Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, the IDA International Design Awards(USA), the Berlin Music Video Awards (Germany), the KKBOX Music Awards (Hong Kong), the Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan), the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan), the STASH magazine showcase, etc. Our portfolio represents our unique sense in visual presentation: edgy, glamorous and full of delicate details. Our work is a refreshing voice that guarantees a perfect synergy of live-action and CG/VFX across various media resources and platforms.