'-Love, Ana' store

Lead DesignerAna Tevsic
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

'- Love, Ana' is a Croatian furniture, lighting and interior accessory brand. The studio finally opened its doors in Zagreb's city center (Dežmanova street), and is hoping to become the place to be for designers and design lovers. Its owner, young product designer Ana Tevšić, reveals that the concept of the studio is a place where you can learn more about the products sold here, but more importantly talk to the designer, work or just hang out. An all-white interior is a sort of gallery that transforms every week showing its visitors and the spectators the power of total design. The interior and window changes on a weekly basis, making it act more like a gallery than a shop, but also to give a new approach which makes people more comfortable to walk in and ask around. We have decided to communicate our products through the store's identity, which has its main elements, but they keep changing. We have used different channels of communication; such as a projector (with a different picture being projected to the wall every day), or different sounds that we want people to hear when they come inside (birds singing, the ocean breeze, mosquitos, jungle, cat fight, etc.). We also bring different flowers to the shop, to complement the sound and the store atmosphere of the day. All of this is done in a low tune, to catch someone's attention without forcing itself. We want to create a full design experience, and aim to grow creatively with time.


Ana Tevšić is a 28-years old independent product designer living and working in Zagreb. She started working straight after college in 2010, and attended her first big exhibition in 2011. After London, Ana's products were exhibited in Berlin, Milan, Belgrade, Tokyo and Copenhagen. Ana received an EDIDA nomination as "Best Young Talent" in 2012. She soon formed her studio and designer over 70 different custom products. In March of 2014, her '-Love, Ana' studio opened its first unconventional store. Her products were listed as "Best Buy" by Elle Decoration, "Best New Products" by IDFX, and "New Product" by Damn magazine. '-Love, Ana' studio joined several international stores and distributors and is shipping her products worldwide.