Cantilever Cards

Lead DesignerTom Bauer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Collateral Material
Entry Description

For the past eighteen years, our firm has designed a unique Christmastime greeting card. This collection of cards has been dubbed "Cantilever Cards", which is suggestive of their innate architectural quality and their forms. Abstracted symbols of the season are represented by simple cuts and folds extending from each card. They are designed to be die-cut, scored, and folded with a phrase from an appropriate, traditional Christmas song as the greeting. The cards accomplish several goals for our firm:

- Convey simplicity, refinement, subtle elegance in a singular greeting
- Provide a distinguished message
- Create unique sculptural graphic for display
- Create a series of cards that become collectibles over the course of multiple years
- Utilize consistent parameters to design the Christmas greeting
- Consistent Format: 4 X 9 white card die cut, scored, & folded - to be memorable over time
- Consistent Theme: Abstracted symbols of the Christmas season
- Theme Series: Most recently a church series, which includes architectural abstractions of well-known churches & cathedrals
- Consistent Musical Reference: The greeting is a suitable phrase from a Christmas carol that complements the design
- Create a graphic piece that requires interaction and interpretation by the recipients to fold and stand
- Provide a distinct contrast between the staid corporate/business holiday greetings