10X10 WISH Brand Concept & Mobile App

Lead DesignerBanseok Yoon
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Multimedia / Interface Design
Entry Description

10x10 already had both online and offline stores and was managing SNS channels on a steady basis, they wished that the new mobile app they could were developing serve as not a simple online shopping app but an unique 10x10 app that can provide new user experiences.
The mobile had to be able to search for important information easily and do the shopping outside,
and socializing had to be connected with the function naturally so that it can affect consumer purchases. We suggested the ‘Taste Curation’ function which recommends the friends who have the similar taste as me when my wished products increase after we showed the items wished by other friends from 10x10. That was where the name of the app 10x10 WISH came from.
The derivation of visual concepts contained the process in which the user uses the app and obtains value through communication between users.
The process where the user meets another user and shares the tastes with each other, which leads to value creation is relocated into a visual.
The graphic system of 10x10 WISH is focused on the process where the circle is the minimum unit and it is combined with other circles until it turns into a heart, the brand symbol.
It is expanded to icons, patterns, and other symbols using other forms created during the process.
We wanted to apply this brand concept and visual to offline beyond the mobile app.
Based on the wish list or recommendation activities actually exchanged online, it is possible to make a best wish corner in a 10x10 offline store or introduce a wish ranking system, or
make 10x10 WISH as a separate brand under the concept of SHOP IN SHOP and put a 10x10 WISH SHOP into a multi brand store.