Avant- Garde

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Prize(s)3rd Place in Avant-garde / Women_AG
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Avant- Garde Items that has been created by Designer Arefeh Mansouri.


Arefeh Mansouri is an American Fashion & Costume Designer and Harvard Kennedy School alum.
Arefeh Mansouri's career began in Montreal, Canada at the age of 23. Born November 1980 in Tehran, Iran she immigrated to Canada at 16 years of age. During her early years, Arefeh displayed great interest and aptitude in Painting as well as math and science. She started her undergraduate education with a major in Biology with the intent to pursue a career in Medicine. Already an accomplished painter, she soon realized where her true passions lie. This led her to a career in Fashion and Costume Design. She began her studies of Fashion at Montreal's LaSalle College. Subsequently, she launched a women's Pret-a-Porter line until she was offered a position in Milan, Italy as head designer for an Italian clothing Firm.
In 2007 she relaunched her line in the United States with a specific focus on Couture Wedding and Evening wear. In addition, she began pursuing her passion for Costume Design. Her designs are featured in major Hollywood productions.
Arefeh Mansouri completed her studies at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education.