Supercar System

Lead DesignerPaolo Tiramani
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Prize(s)1st Place in Transportation / Auto Accessories and Interiors
Entry Description

Supercar System is a recreational vehicle that is easily configurable by the customer to meet their changing performance, styling and budgetary desires. Customers have freedom to start with a budget minded naked build and graduate to a 202mph Supercar , a trail rig, a deco streamliner, a track day weapon, a sunny day red convertible or any number of configurations the enthusiast can imagine.

Customers can configure and re-configure their vehicle in ways large and small with no special tools or skill required, democratizing design decisions away from the manufacturer and into the hands of the customer.

Cars cost on average 75% less compared to vehicles with similar performance. Operating costs are similarly reduced costing no more to run than a typical family sedan. Drivetrain parts and servicing are available at over 20,000 GM dealers worldwide.