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Clip Card Reader

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Clip card reader is a new mobile payment device that allows both swipe and dip transactions. The Clip brand and reader were designed in tandem for emerging markets unfamiliar with mobile payment services. First launched in Mexico, a market long dominated by large banks that only offered costly and difficult to use credit card terminals, Clip’s bold, bright design serves as a charismatic ambassador to the world of mobile payment. The iconic badge design of the logo is utilized across all Clip products, from the app to the reader, including branded collateral such as window stickers. The badge also serves a functional purpose as its fins stabilize the reader and prevent it from spinning on mobile devices of a variety of sizes and thicknesses. ClipLock, a proprietary verification system, adds a comforting level of security to consumers fearful of widespread cloning devices.