Raxis: the new axis of retail

Lead DesignerJake Kwon
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

Raxis is a retail space professional based in Dubai and Russia focusing on retail space solution for retail shops and exhibitions. The company name "Raxis" is a compound word of 'Retail' and 'Axis', signifying a new axis of retail.
Logo design is a new metaphor of 3 axes, x, y and z axes that structure a space. The overall shape of the logo is hexagon that is 2 dimensional image of a 3 dimensional cube. The cube shows clear 3 axes and we can call them imaginary lines. The imaginary lines create each plane surface of the cube with different colours by duplicating the lines horizontally from each axis. The centre of the logo where the 3 imaginary lines meet, there is an imaginary space.
The logo unconsciously let people visualise a 3 dimensional form at the centre through the striped surfaces with different colours and directions: an imaginary space with 3 imaginary lines. The imaginary space brings various imaginations to viewers and it symbolises infinite possibilities of Raxis and a core of space solution. The angled stripes around the imaginary space are extended lines from imaginary lines and the colours represent the 3 axes of the cube, implying meanings of passion, energy and youth.