Exclusive Solutions A Studio/Workshop

Lead DesignerBeth Kopin
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

The project is in Rosh Ha Ayin,an industrial high tech town in Israel. The concept: Turn a warehouse into a studio/workshop,which builds and showcases limited edition furniture,and cabinetry,has a conference area and office suite. Challenges and solutions: The interior designer/architect did the following:The space is 1800 square feet, needed 2400. The space was divided.The first quad was made into two stories,upper level ,an office suite with a secretary and partners office. The office is cantilevered over the reception area to allow for extra needed space. Higher ceiling to accommodate two floors. The foundation was dug out one foot ,only in the conference area. To protect client and finished pieces from workshop. A garage door with plexiglass was installed to protect the entry from dust and a bit less noise. In the far back there are barn doors on heavy metal track. When opened they close off storage closets on either side and expose the finished pieces of furniture in the gallery.
Back section had a much lower ceiling.
Used the lower ceiling as an advantage ,hung the barn doors with the track as a visual interest.
Ability to bring heavy materials into the space without damaging the floors. Sunk metal plank into the concrete floors in the entry and as a path down the middle of the entire space. The metal is strong enough to withstand the weight of a forklift delivering the heavy materials required for building the furniture. The path leads the client to the gallery . The owner wanted the client to see the workshop as they walked to the back. Bring natural light into the space. Skylights were added in the office suite. Clean elegant space to meet with clients... (See Photo credit for the ending)


Beth Kopin, is an award winning interior designer who has been practicing for the past thirty years in Chicago.Recently opened up a second office in Jerusalem. She is currently serving both the US and Israeli market as a binational designer. She prides herself on being an all inclusive designer,analyzing blue prints,doing all the selections, overseeing the construction as a design management consultant. She has been featured in many trade and commercial publications . Loves virtual designing,she feels the world has become so small you can design from anywhere.