Central One

Lead DesignerWesley Liu
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

It is a 450 square feet open-plan studio. It is commissioned by a client for lease purpose and this modern cozy design targets on young couples.

Instead of locating the bed at the corner or with a large backdrop that most people usually do, the designer has chosen to place it at the middle of the room.

Together with the bar table as well as sofa, all 3 functioning area united into one giant structure for this studio.

Leaving the other edges for TV wall, study desk and wardrobe. This saves a lot of space for this tiny flat.

The position of the bed also enhanced the best view of the studio. Also, the mirror at the entrance corridor enlarged the space visually.

The cinema chair is used at the sofa area because it allows extra seating when serving friends but to maintain a comfortable walking space when it's not being occupied.


Wesley Liu is an uprising young interior designer who was born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia for most of his life. He received his Masters degree in Design from one of Australia’s most prestigious colleges, the University of New South Wales, and founded PplusP Designers in 2009 after having previously worked with other celebrated architectural firms.

Liu’s works have received numerous accolades, including the Best Interior Design of the Asia-Pacific Awards of the UK International Property Awards in 2011, Successful Design Award of the China’s Most Successful Award in 2011 and the Annual Award for Elite Designer of the Modern Decoration International Media Award in 2011. The wealth of experience that Liu has amassed has also earned him a position on the executive committee board of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association as well as the advisory board of the Retail Asia Expo in 2012.

Plans to expand are in the pipeline. Even as Liu continue to rapidly develop the PplusP studio in Hong Kong, plans are underway for a branch studio in Australia, Macao & China, which will likely result in more crossover aesthetic experimentation.

Liu is currently a Professional Member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, a Full Member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers and China Institute of Interior Design.

Drive, passion and tenacity are what best describe Liu, who constantly and curiously seeks to move forward, eventually placing his company on the global map.