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CompanyATP architects engineers
Lead DesignersDario Travas
ClientDario Travas
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Each KORNATA, an elegant cream coloured sofa, which
reminds one of a ships propeller, offers space for six
people. The extravagant object is composed of a two
component polyurethane system and is both weather and
UV-proof and impact and scratch-resistant. The Designer,
Dario Travas, was inspired by the gentle silhouette of the
Kornati Islands, the largest and densest island group in
the Croatian Adriatic. The two basic ideas behind the
design of the seats are, in his words, on the one
hand “my attempt to use as functional an interpretation
as possible of the soft flowing contours of the island as an
inspiration for an organic form and, on the other hand,
the possibility of using an element of seating to react to a
surrounding space in a number of ways”.

The seat was specially developed for use in public
spaces – in shopping centers, public squares and
exhibition spaces. Two KORNATA can already be found as
islands in the atria of the Leopold Museum in Vienna’s
Museumsquartier, some others decorate the mall of
Westgate, a shopping centre in Zagreb.