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Bowflex MAX Trainer (TM)

CompanyNautilus, Inc.
Lead Designers
ClientNautilus Inc.
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
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Entry Description

Our product design team was challenged to create a cardio
product for the home that motivates, engages, and gives
users a full body workout. It had to cut the workout time in
half, while pioneering a workout product not seen before in
the fitness industry. The result is the Bowflex MAX Trainer™
– a one-of-a-kind cardio machine that burns more than two-
and-a-half times the calories of other exercise equipment in
14 minutes and engages the upper body 80 percent more
than a traditional elliptical. Its sleek design, inspired by high-
performance motorcycles, enables full-body movement while
remaining easier on the joints than running on a treadmill.

Studies showed that lack of time is the biggest barrier to
exercise, so we set out to create a cardio machine that
would burn more calories more quickly. We developed
hundreds of sketches and numerous prototypes that
combined the best of an elliptical and a stepper. By rotating
the machine 90 degrees and leveraging Schwinn® Airdyne
technology™ we created faster speeds and a higher calorie
burn. The interval workout setting maximizes the benefits of
afterburn, and can increase metabolism up to 48 hours after
a workout is complete.

We wanted a product that was fun and engaging and
visually it had to drive the consumer to push past their
comfort zone so we replicated the tachometer of a
motorcycle so users could see how many calories they burn
every minute. The gear shift, like a throttle grip, allows
users to quickly adjust resistance. Users have access to the
benefits of interval training while still enjoying the comfort
and simplicity of other cardio machines. They can track their
workouts with a free app, which wirelessly transfers data via

Bowflex MAX Trainer is shaking up the fitness industry with
this 14-minute interval training cardio machine of the future.