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G3 Shopping Resort

CompanyATP architects engineers
Lead Designers
ClientHorst Reiner
Prize(s)Architectural Design of the Year
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Entry Description

A wave-shaped timber roof covering 20,000 m2 floats
above the 20 m high and 500 m long mall of
the „Ecological Shopping Centre“. It is part of a 6 hectare
timber roof-scape which nestles into the hilly landscape to
the North of Vienna. Far from being a „simple timber
roof“ the construction of the G3 Shopping Resort
Gerasdorf is a multifunctional construction which
responds to a range of struc-tural demands.

The desire not to be a simple “shopping centre” but,
rather, a “shopping resort” is new. Visitors should see
themselves as guests rather than customers. A wide
range of shops and high levels of comfort guarantee an
attractive shopping experience. The generous
architecture makes a decisive contribution to this feel-
good factor.

The architecture of the shopping centre is distinguished
to the exterior by its large, self-confident form while, to
the interior, it adopts the tried-and-tested proportions of
a shopping street. This simplifies orientation as well as
ensuring the sense of well-being which should become
the hallmark of the G3 shopping centre. It is also one of
the few shopping centres in Europe which employed the
services of a feng shui consultant during the design phase.

The G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf was the first in Austria
to be subject to an environmental impact assessment and
was named a klima:aktiv mobile - project partner before
construction was complet-ed. The G3 Shopping Resort is
seeking BREEAM certification.

The design, construction and operation of the centre
were all developed with a maximum attention being paid
to economic, ecological and socio-cultural sustainability.
Optimised services equipment, high levels of natural light,
low-energy lighting and intelligent energy management
software ensure high energy efficiency.