Lead DesignerDidier WOLFF
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Prize(s)1st Place in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description


Private jets are at the crossroads between their genitor and their owner.
A breed in search of identity, looking alike others of their kind.

«Air Lines» is a new breed of aircraft, reborn with a new character mixing her initial and specific natural shape with her owner’s view on art.

The whole design concept is born from a ceramic tile detail from the aircraft interior luxurious table ware set. Its extrapolation has aimed to the most
complex design painted onto an aircraft as of today.

Made of 5 colors, 4 of which supporting a fading effect from the front door to the last window, the aircraft reveals its design details only when approaching for boarding. Series of 150 vertical hand painted 6 stripes sets from 6mm to 3 cm each coat the entire body gracefully appearing from window to window, from white to full color. Engines stand with same striping and fading effect but horizontally, with absolute precision shaping the lines around the irregular barrel form of the nacelles.

The Design has been made in the Studio in Strasbourg and required over three months of work. Paint stage preparation required also over 3 months of work with the paint team to overcome all possible technical aspects of the projects before starting. It’s painting required 6 weeks of intense work and the best possible aircraft painters in the aeronautical industry.