Lead DesignerMichala Monroe
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Type: Corporate headquarters
Location: Austin, Texas
Completion year: 2012
Size: 7000 sq.ft.
Duration: 1 year
Services: Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Project Management, and Art Curation.

Description/ Highlights: The amount of work M Monroe design put into this project for DachisGroup HQ (a social business design company) is truly difficult to list or summarize. Everything from designing the raw space, to choosing the silverware and specifying the weekly flower delivery's style was done by Michala Monroe and her team. Custom designs include: Desks, kitchen island, millwork, reception desk, signage, and a custom credenza.

The usual office design rules were rearranged, by giving hierarchy in the communal spaces and placing the executive offices toward the rear of the office. The open plan workspace is balanced by multiple break out spaces for small, medium/ large meetings, and quiet call booths. Other unique aspects of the design include, bike storage, en suite restroom and laptop perch overlooking the Capitol building, and two shower rooms; Including one with a one-way mirror overlooking the city.

The overhead lighting design is based on social networks (interconnectedness and concentration in areas with more social overlap). This concept was also mirrored in the Maharam upholstery fabric chosen for the booth benches of one of the meeting areas. Lastly, the art was curated by MMonroe from the CEO's expansive personal collection, along with a few custom vitrines housing vintage computer parts.

Random Facts: MMonroe was 25 years old when this project was completed. Dachis Group was recently acquired by Sprinklr to create the largest independent social relationship management platform. The Austin headquarters are to remain intact. The office was used as the set for a recent episode of NBC's show, Revolution! http://mmonroedesigninspiration.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/m-monroe-design-on-nbc/


Michala Monroe, founding principal of m | monroe design LLC, holds a BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute. Expertise includes residential and corporate Interior Design, Project Management, staging, and the ability to create compelling spaces at almost any budget.

Michala's interest in design psychology plays a large role in the creation of modern environments. Specializing in Start-Ups, she understands that the right workplace is a critical asset for a successful organization. A well-designed workplace can influence everything from staff recruitment and retention to the quality of work being produced. In this very social and connected world, office culture and identity are as important as (and influential to) the work that a company produces.

A home is just as easily influenced by psychology. A thoughtfully designed residence is the best setting for a happy life, and will have greater longevity. Time spent with each new client, brings to light the present patterns of living and future requirements that allow us to design spaces around those needs. Additionally, attention to detail and focused Project Management produces cohesive, well designed, spaces with clear and concise results.