Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Prize(s)1st Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

The Eco-Friendly Packaging project sought to reduce the
environmental footprint of products shipped by the millions,
while imparting a unique, humanistic sensibility and elegant
feeling. This
was accomplished through a reduction in size, weight and
comprehensive change of materials, coupled with innovative

To minimize impact on natural resources, the packaging is
made with 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable
materials. The paper pulp is composed of 65% bagasse and
bamboo pulp. There is no bleach used to achieve the white
color. Soy ink, which is non-petroleum based, is used for all
printing and eliminates the use of volatile chemicals.
Next, the designers reduced the overall size, weight and
complexity of the packaging. This reduction meant more
units could be shipped in the same space, saving on
transportation fuel and
Co2 emissions. Compared to previous efforts, the new
packaging is 15% smaller and weight is reduced by 40%,
equating to a transportation carbon footprint reduction of
41,100 metric tons
a year.

Alongside the reduction in ecological footprint, the designers
conveyed an elegant and humanistic element which stands
out in the market. Instead of sharp, hard-angled corners,
radii on all corners mimic the tactile, in-hand feel and look of
the device. The paper pulp also creates a smooth surface
and warm white color, which is in sharp contrast to the
bright, rough,
bleached whites found on other products. There is also gift-
box style presentation; the phone is suspended gracefully on
a singular internal tray of the box, creating an enticing initial
experience for the customer.

The combined holistic approach to reducing ecological
footprint while maintaining an elegant and distinctive
presentation creates packaging that has the best of both
worlds: environmentally
friendly and aesthetically pleasing. This project has yielded
a dramatic re-think of how eco-conscious products can be
manufactured and presented.