Sean Combs' A Revolution in the Music Industry

Lead DesignerSebastian Speier
ClientSebastian Speier
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Multimedia / Website Design
Entry Description

Sean Combs created RevoltTV to be MTV for the next
generation, getting back to the heart of what music
discovery should be about. Huge designed the
television channel’s website,, with the goal of
creating an immersive experience for music sharing
and discovery. Instead of programming, social media
and user interaction are the primary focus, as the site
and the broadcast channel are integrated. Content
presented on air is displayed through the site and
conversely, content submitted by users through the
site can be pulled onto the air on the broadcast
channel. Users are presented with a continuous feed of
both curated and user-submitted content never stops.
It was designed to serve as both a 'lean in' experience
where users can dig deep into the content, but also a
'lean back' experience where users can leave their feed
open on their device or computer and watch a stream
of content. Nothing like this has been done before for
music sharing and discovery using the integration of a
website and broadcast channel.

Since launched in November, there have been
297,179 unique visits to the site (394,573 total visits).
There have been 632,427 page views with a bounce
rate of 64.52%. 75.3% of all visits have been new visits,
and we continue to see growth.