Polaris Capital Group

Lead DesignerTakayuki NAGO
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. is a company that plays a central role in the private equity market in Japan. The company occupy the 38th floor of the Gran Tokyo North Tower that stands in front of Tokyo Station in the center of Japan. We undertook the interior design of their space, with a total floor area of 886m2 divided into a reception area of 443m2 and an office area of 443m2.

We planned the reception area, which serves as the company face that greets customers, to express confidence, security, and transparency.
This entrance space takes in scenery and natural lighting from a height of 38 floors above the ground, and the dynamic marble wall which extends to the window side and imparts a sense of amazement and euphoria to visiting customers became the most important framework of the design.
The interior design has a color scheme using white as the basic tone with accents in the dark blue corporate color and a lighting plan of mainly indirect lighting to present an image of a modern but soft space, which matched the corporate image.

Although the interior has a simple design, the Japanese traditional craft of foil was also incorporated into the interior design as an accent, which presented the challenge of creating new value. The modern design incorporating Japanese traditional craftwork was highly praised by the client.


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