Private Villa Al Barari

Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

We were recommended to our clients with “They will create your dream home but will also find ways of using the space in ways you can’t imagine” – in other words the expectations were high.
We believe we were successful in the Client’s requirements by following the Science of Vastu where the core principle revolves around the positioning of objects to enhance and release the natural energies within the home.
Although incorporating Vastu was exciting and educational, challenges arose with it along with a limited budget of $700,000 which was to include a Spa/Beauty Parlor, Temple, Home Office, Gym, Home Cinema, Bar, Play-room, two Formal Areas, Formal Dining and Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms for all seven family members.
It was also important to bring peace and serenity to their home by keeping colors somewhat neutral yet with a warm atmosphere and creating a vibrant yet elegant, comfortable and serene design throughout.
We used a playful selection of furniture pieces which were highlighted by well-planned lighting using a wide range of designer brands from Roche Bobois, Minotti, Philippe Starck to Andrew Martin. To remain unique and maintain budget, our own designs and furniture were integrated including the Swings and all furniture in the Temple, Formal Dining, Entrance Lobby, Basement Bar Area and Bedrooms. Heavy contrasts of textures were also used such as soft velvets, plush carpets, embossed leather and wall panels, polished metals, sheer linens and lacquered resins
The most important element was our ability to comply with the Science of Vastu. Although the pre-conditions and rules were extremely difficult to work around, Vastu takes the sentiments around the design to a different dimension. Collectively, the villa provides an escape by stepping into a blissful, serene environment with a solid psychological contrast with the day-to-day stress, skyscrapers and desert in Dubai.


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