Oriental Lobby

Lead DesignerKing Wang
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Other
Entry Description

This project is designated for the lobby of a private mansion in Taichung City with a total floor area of 11,570 square metres sited in the city’s economic, political, cultural, recreational and transport hub, where businesses take place.
Twisting Roots – While the bulk of this 4 metre diameter, thousand year old, ancient tree was burnt down by a forest fire that followed the 2011 volcano eruptions in Java, Indonesia, its twisting roots have miraculously survived.
Revive – Life revives as it continues. That is one key concept in oriental thinking. Alluding to Pan Gu’s genesis/creation stories – the separation of heaven from earth, his setting the sun, moon, stars and planets in place and dividing the four seas – we brought overseas this gigantic ancient wood, mounting its body on the water wall, re-rooting it and give it a regenerated life in Taiwan.
Circle – in the East, the round shape symbolizes completeness and fulfilment; it is from this symbolism that the ceiling and the floor come to form. 12 hanging lights dot the ring above, signifying the 12 Earthly Branches and 10 Heavenly Stems used in Chinese Calendar, while the 13th hinges on the centre of the circle, meaning the “Self.” The idea is that heaven and earth, Ying and Yang, the Universe and I are all as one.
The conceptualization of the physical, spatial structure is principally Western, while Oriental landscaping design elements add to its richness. With “borrowed scenery” complementing the arcade columns, this space as a whole represents a balanced harmony between nature and culture, East and West.


Design Concept

The Border in “ The Between”

The power behind thinking by the designer was between the view space and power. It is kind of under compressed space and limited time, resulting in a high explosive intensity of artistic expressions and ideas. In relation between linearly and non-linearly, the linear can be described by linear mathematical equations. Small changes in linear systems produce anticipated effects. These transformations appear regular. The non-linear systems can be quickly expanded by small changes but effect seems all out of balance as it distorts into unexpected convulsions. Refer to a book of ambiguous by Takao Tanaka. Thus was planted the ideas of the concept. The objective was to extend and transform into space, and reach out to the strength of transcendence, tension and limit, that space creates the strongest most dramatic sensory experience. And then form to be essence of peace in the values of a particular time and place.