Same Sh*t, Different Year

Lead DesignerRonn Lee
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Calendars
Entry Description

Tired of receiving typical corporate calendars, corporate gifts you'd probably never make good use of, and making New Year resolutions that never make it past the 2nd of January?

The team at BEAMY Creative in Shanghai realizes that these are the harsh truths of life. Hence, we decided to take matters in our own hands (quite literally) and create our own New Year survival kit - titled Same Sh*t Different Year - that says it like it is and showcases our passion for design and dark brand of humor.

The kit contains a calendar highlighting milestone dates (not actual holidays, because that’s just too practical), postcards, gift tags, wrapping paper and raffia string that you can use for gifting, re-gifting or perhaps not even gifting…

Happy 2014! We really mean it.


A list of our Same Sh*t Different Year calendar’s milestone dates, including some unique to China and Shanghai

January - New Year’s
February - Valentine’s Day
March - Woman’s Day (China celebrates Women’s Day by giving a half day holiday to women. Men also express their appreciation for the women in their lives on this day by giving gifts.)
April - Qingming Festival (Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, on this day Chinese people visit the graves sites of their ancestors to clean tombs, pray and submit offerings like food, wine and joss paper.)
May - May Day
June - Dragon Boat Festival (A festival commemorating the death of minister and poet Qu Yuan who committed suicide by drowning after being banished and accused of treason. The locals who admired him were said to have raced out in boats to throw sticky rice into the river so that fish would not eat his body. Today, the Chinese celebrate this festival by eating dumplings and having dragon boat races.)
July - Peak of Shanghai’s unbearable summer (Work officially


Ronn has more than 17 years of knowledge and expertise in leading branding programmes across Food and Beverage, Arts and Culture, Real Estate and Hospitality sectors. Ronn has won both Chinese and International design awards including the coveted Most Successful Design Awards – China and International Red Dot Design. An avid book lover, Ronn has published books and her works have been featured in design publications and exhibitions throughout the world.