CompanyEZEQUIELFARCA architecture and design
Lead DesignerEzequiel Farca
ClientEzequiel Farca
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

The Barrancas House is the result of the restoration of a
house built in the seventies in Mexico City, which didn´t
have any attract at first but had great spatial potential.
It became a challenge for our office to create a home
focusing on incredible attention to detail, modernity and
discovery of the different spaces and levels to generate
expectation and surprise.

We took advantage of the location of the house that has
views towards the woods so we installed floor to ceiling
windows so that natural elements from the exterior such
as natural light, views to the woods become part of the
interior without compromising the comfort and intimacy
of the inhabitants.

The amenities for the family to enjoy inside the privacy
of their home include a home theater, a wine cellar, a
gym, 2 terraces, a pool, garden and green areas.

Discovering the house through the hallways, leads to
multifunctional impredictible spaces achieved through
movable screen walls , hidden doors, bay windows that
open entirely, furniture designed especially for each
space, automatic lightening system, for each need of the

The landscape was designed with plants that adjust to
the local clima, with green roof and green walls, it also
has a solar energy system and a automatized water
saving system.

The materials used include marble, stone, wood,
together with neutral tones as dark green or chocolate
that give an earthy feeling that will integrate the interior
with the exterior and create the sensation of unlimited


Ezequiel Farca is the creative director and CEO of the design firm EZEQUIELFARCA located in Mexico City. Entrepreneur and one of the most important designers in Mexico, Ezequiel Farca is now an icon of the design because of his clean, modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

He was born in Mexico in 1967. He began his career at the Universidad Iberoamericana in the same city, with an Industrial Design Degree (1980- 1991). He got a scholarship by the Western Washington University in Washington State, to continue his studies of Specialization in Industrial Design (1991- 1992). He complemented his formation with studies in design with a Master in Big Scale Architecture and Other Environments at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain. And recently completed an MBA at UCLA, Los Angeles, California.

In 1995, Ezequiel opens his first design studio, and later on, he opened a furniture showroom in the heart of Polanco, a prestigious commercial and residential area in Mexico City, in 2012 he establishes an office in Los Angeles to expand its work internationally, developing projects in Mexico and abroad. Ezequiel Farca was the first furniture designer in opening an establishment in this area between fashion designers, jewelry and life style designers of international rename.