Lead DesignerYves Behar
Prize(s)2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances
Entry Description

SodaStream is about the 21st century notions we have grown accustomed to: “just in time” delivery and “do it yourself” empowerment, combined with sustainable ways of consuming. We have added to the mix the idea of “Play”, because playfulness, while doing what’s right for oneself and for the planet, is simply contagious.
We think PLAY is a fun expression of all the different ways water and soda can be carbonated. Behind it’s bright colors, minimal geometry and affordable price, PLAY offers inside and outside innovation.
On the outside, the simple shape of the PLAY soda maker expresses the efficiency of the system while making a strong design statement in the kitchen. The combination of matte texture and contrasting smooth reflective areas accentuates the fewer parts the product requires. The square column and extruded plastic base are the foundations of the clean design and geometry. The new PLAY carbonating bottle is also simplified and now usable 5000 times; the same bottle is now standard with the Source machine. It easily locks into a translucent polycarbonate bottle-rest with a single-push motion. Play is powered by a CO2 canister and does not require any electricity. The mechanics have been refined by the Sodastream engineering team: the slider column comes back into original position automatically after carbonating. On the Sodastream website, customers can customize their units by mixing and matching different PLAY product parts in bright luminous colors, creating personal expression..
Would PLAY have been possible before SOURCE?
After great success with the award-winning SOURCE, we wanted to make the latest design all about creative customization in the avant kitchen. PLAY offers color options to match different kitchen environments and personal styles. Yves Behar & fuseproject launched PLAY at SodaStream’s installation at DesignJunction during the London Design Festival!