Wooden busstop at Kagamino Park

Lead DesignerShin YOSHIDA
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

We planed the bus stop at park on the south side of Kochi University of Technology. This bus stop is going to be used by students and other people. Supporter’s club for Kochi University of Technology as client wanted the bus stop with wooden structure and design worthy of University.
As public space for transportation in Japanese rural area, we proposed wooden bus stop with a gentle and innovative expression and an animated look by the days and seasons.
We mutually shifted 39 L- frames and 38 braces composed by 105mm×105mm “hinoki” cypress ,standard woods, and bundled them carefully precisely and delicately with Japanese traditional wooden joint technology in the arcuate shape. We formed a wooden skeleton and put a transparent roof on it airy.


1967 Born in Osaka,JAPAN
1990 Graduated from School of Architecture,Kyoto University,JAPAN
1993 Research assistant,School of Architecture,Kyoto University,JAPAN
1997 Associate Professor,School of Architecture,Kochi University of Technology,JAPAN