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Lead DesignersHakan Gürsu
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs, Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Urban Sustainable Design
Entry Description

Aiming to create a sustainable and iconic communication point for modern urban environment, Solbooth is an eco-telephone booth that uses solar energy. Design is created with a concern for transparency, especially for touristic areas where product almost blends in with urban space with see-through surfaces. Also emphasizes accessibility, it is an all-in-one point of communication for phoning and info getting on city. Unfolding spaces in interior are provided for easy usage.
Using tempered glass and stainless steel, materials complement to simple design language. Phone and interactive screens are included.


Awarded Designer Assoc.Prof.Dr.Hakan Gürsu has succeeded as an extraordinary illustrator, designer and intellectual internationally. He’s been honored in the world’s prestigious design competitions by winning over 210 design awards within 14 years. He contributed to several national and international organizations as a speaker on innovation, creative thinking, design, and R&D. Ranging from boats, toys, and furniture to electrical devices, his environmentally friendly and visionary projects are introducing unusual solutions to common problems. He continues to train design students at METU.