SMILES Jazz & Bistro

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

Founded by a jazz artist and her devotion to music, she wants to create a place that represents her passion and vision. A jazz club that welcomes musicians and audiences to share the music experiences together in the contemporary settings of Bangkok.

The logo was designed to communicate its story of jazz musicality, openness to individuals that share the mutual passion. Composed with musical signs such as Clef, staff lines, and octave of eight, to convey the universal vocabulary. Keeping the rustic touches to give a sense of nostalgia and legendary jazz culture.


Creative Design Consultant from Bangkok, Thailand.
Specialized in Identity design and strategic communication.

"ROUND" and "NINE" came from the words "ME" and "YOU" in Thai. We would like to use our design to help the clients businesses. Working as friends and partners to reach the aspiration design solution altogether