Metro City

Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Metro City (698 sqft)

This small flat is a typical home for Hong Kong residents. With an area of only 68 square meters, it is divided into a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms and two washrooms. In designing this flat, the designer successfully created a brand-new style for this couple well within their budget.

To make effective use of the limited space, the designer changed the closed kitchen into an open one. Moreover, he combined the sink of the kitchen with the dining table, making the living room visually more spacious.

The idea of joining two adjacent bedrooms into one provides plenty of space for storage and work. The same technique was adopted for the washroom, resulting in one single spacious washroom. The bed in the master bedroom is elevated in order to extend the lateral space across to the windowsill; at the same time, the layering approach beneath the bed increases the practical space for storage.

Furthermore, the couple requested that the design should prevent their dog from nearing their cats’ litter box. Taking this into consideration, the designer laid out a little room exclusively for the cats and the dog in which the litter box is situated at a higher level, keeping well out of the dog’s reach.

The crude effect of this flat brought forth by the cement wall and the natural tone created by wooden materials provides a relaxing and cozy dwelling for its owners.


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