Fold for fun

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

This office flat can be divided into three major areas: working zone, meeting room and multi-functional resting area.

Owing to the relatively limited space, the client request that the design must help make good use of every single space. Moreover, the client himself is an innovation-lover, and demands the design to be ground-breaking too.

The designer combines the client’s brief with his own designing notion, that is drawing architectural concept into interior design, and finally comes up with the strategy of utilizing 3-dimentional skills in the entire interior design.

Under this strategy, the concept of folding is adopted to distort the normal space, while at the same time the idea of reflection is also chosen to elongate the distorted space, reinforcing the extraordinary visual effect.

The design of every area follows this intended designing notion and aims at fulfilling the client’s wish. The meeting room is arranged near the entrance for convenience and its wall utilizes the folding concept so as to match with the whole design.

The multi-functional resting area is situated on a raised platform. There is a cabinet inside with a clear-glass gliding door, which helps enhance the overall spaciousness by reflecting the internal space. The raised platform can be used for storing which maximized the usable space.

The focus comes to the distorted wall in the middle of the flat going through the meeting room and the resting area which make the whole design cohere. The whole masterpiece brings out an exceptional sense of modernism.


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