United Talent Agency

Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

This Agency is a client driven organization in the business of entertainment, o the design team sought to create a powerful impression up on the moment of arrival without being overwhelmingly flashy with details.

A screening room was of utmost importance to the client as they frequently have clients, including A-list celebrities, oin them for private screenings so the design team created a 165-seat theater from part of the pre-existing parking garage, enclose it with cement walls and packaged it with unparalleled acoustic and projection performance. The room was designed with maximum flexibility to allow for the screen of Hollywood's latest blockbuster movies, television episodes, independent films and video games as well as for lectures and meetings.

Recognizing the client' impressive art collection of mailing large-scale photography, the project team designed the space not only by seat count requirements, but to serve as a gallery to display the client's extensive collection while positioning the pieces in such a location to preserve their existence. Several large pieces were specifically commissioned for the project as well, including a large tapestry by Pae White and a light sculpture by John Wigmore. The end result is a museum-like space beyond all else that not only capture the guest through the artwork itself but by the detailed design of the interior space.