Alchemic Logo

CompanyAlchemic Marketing
Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

Alchemic are a small but hardworking marketing agency specialising in creative talent, scouting & promotion. A lot of their workflow involves marketing, advertising, sponsoring & promoting concerts, festival and other live acts. Their logo was created to reflect both their name as well as their business philosophy; selecting the best & brightest for their banner.

The concept behind the mark is based on the age-old alchemic practice of attempting to artificially mass produce gold by way of fusion/synthesis with other elements. Since gold has only one stable isotope (the element Au) a massive chemical reaction would need to occur to generate this isotope.

There is only x3 active protons difference between Lead & Gold. They're 'chemically' different; reaction to solvents, melting temp, etc. If you were to extract those x3 protons from lead theoretically, you would have gold. Programs like American Idol employ this 'extraction' tactic...slowly removing the unnecessary protons (contestants) till they have their 'golden result' - a season winner.


Designer of all things logo, including; custom type, typeface construction, iconography, print design & animation.