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Celest Chong Website,  | International Design Awards Winners
Celest Chong Website,  | International Design Awards Winners

Celest Chong Website

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Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Website Design
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Entry Description

A new website to showcase Singaporean megastar (and recently independent artiste) Celest Chong in a new light to fans - a series of imagery showing Celest in guises never before seen, along with galleries of both Chinese and English magazine covers, music and showreels, provide an entertaining and informative insight to Celest's two decades of Asiawide stardom for both fans, directors and producers alike.

An initial assessment of the 'Celest Chong Brand' posed a challenge - with over two decades in the limelight and a usually 'squeaky clean, girl next door' image, how far could we push the brand, and how close to Celest's new and desired performance areas could we push the brand? Could Celest be believably ultra glamourous, a little crazy, a fantasy figure?

Beautiful quirks that arrived as the result of hours of brainstorming between
Chemistry Partner and Art Director Simon Wong and Celest Chong herself, led to personal ideas such as the use of 'ABC' building blocks as a rollover image on 'Compositions', the Chinese Rice Cooker rollover image on the 'What's Cooking' section, the dubious looking Pickaxe on the 'Live' section.
The series of personal quirks gave fans a look inside the zany side of Celest's personality, not usually seen on TV or in Asian media, where in the past her image had been carefully managed by the TV stations.

The site's launch in 2012 was greeted by much positive feedback by fans and followed by increased project-related website enquiries, as well as a subsequent photoshoot continuing to stretch the Celest Chong brand beyond the expected in the Asian arena, with a series of images released recently on Celest's Facebook page.