Munsang College Main Hall

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

The project is to renovate the aged main hall of the 1960s of Munsang College in Hong Kong into a state-of-the-arts school hall when different events can be hosted. New audio-visual system is put in and acoustic issues are being addressed with sound absorbing materials put into walls and columns.

The design concept of the School Hall is naturally taken from the core value of this Christian school stated in the school motto about “light” and “life.” As the focus of the Hall is at the Stage area, the concept of “Light” is expressed around the proscenium which is framed with a concealed LED light trough all around that changes color for different occasions.

“Life” is expressed in the form of a tree with branches growing out from the proscenium to the adjacent walls and to the ceiling above. This concept ties in with the Gospel of John Chapter 15, where the “Life of Jesus” underlies the vine and branches symbolizing youthfulness, growth and vibrancy. This pattern is again echoed at the main entrance of the Hall. In John 1:4, it says that “In him was life, and that life was the light of men.” Jesus Christ as the Word of God, being that life and light, is the driving force behind the students to serve and to contribute their talents back in the community of Hong Kong.