Taiwan's Charm

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Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

Besides the basic necessities of life in Taiwan, culture is also one of the unique charms, especially the Mandarin phonetic symbols.

Taiwan is the only country and place in the world to use this phonetic symbols, and it is also a remarkable cultural treasure.

We hope to delivery this uniqueness of culture and the beauty of words from Taiwan to the whole world, therefore, we intentionally put these 37 Mandarin phonetic symbols together and form them into the sharp of Taiwan.


Fa-Hsiang Hu is a designer, creative director and educator. He is an assistant professor of Department of visual and communication design at China University of Technology and also is an Executive Creative Director of hufax arts Co., Ltd. Director of Taiwan Graphic Design Association / Director of Taiwan Posters Design Association.

Awards and Prize

Hu's works has been recognized by the Taiwan Visual Design Award, and numerous awards from leading design organizations and publications worldwide, including D&AD Awards, London International Awards, Red Dot Communication Design Award, Communication Arts, Golden Pins Awards, Hong Kong Designers Association, IDA and Graphis,… etc. As well as his posters were won and selected into the international poster biennales in Warsaw, Bolivia, Macau,… etc.