CompanyKAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office co.,ltd.
Lead Designer
ClientMasahiro Yoshida
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Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Other
Entry Description

“Junin toiro (many men, many minds)”

(TOIRO)is The rent space which a country manages

In this facility that is named after “junin toiro”, I
imagined the personality of each perosn as “colors”.
When you walk across the white space, your shadow
will be colored by the principle of “(*)additive
mixture”. This allows the space to become a place
where people are able to see the “color” they primarily
possess, but not seen usually. Moreover, when
people gather and the community becomes larger, a
lot of shadows come together, gradually putting
“colors” in a space where there was nothing. And in
each room, I expressed the layer of the “colors” by
materials, which means placing the floor materials in
layers and those layers of floors change colors,
creating a various sized areas within the space.

*additive mixture (color shadow)
Additive mixture is a mixture that the brightness
gained from the colors you mixed is the same as the
sum of the original colors. The more colors you mix,
the brighter it becomes. If you mix “light’s three
primary colors”, red (R), blue (B) and green (G) in even
amount, it will become white.