Lead Designer
ClientPaola Moya
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

inNuevo’s new product, the DOCKr, is an iPad accessory that
helps consumers enhance and expand their iPad’s
capabilities. The DOCKr is an all-in-one accessory for the
Apple iPad, combining ergonomics, electronics and utility
into a unique and fun product. The DOCKr was developed
with a user-centric approach to enhance and extend the
user’s experience with their tablets. The DOCKr combines
the features of iPad accessories on the market, while adding
benefits for the user. The DOCKr offers portability, folding
into a durable carrying case and has additional features
including electronics like battery and speakers, flexible
viewing options, five colors, and customization possibilities.
The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built-in to provide
up to 6-8 hours of extended battery life through USB ports
for all electronics, including the iPad. The design of the
DOCKr product began with these renderings and graphics to
showcase the vision for the product, which will retail in