Godiva House

CompanyEmpty Space Architecture
Lead Designer
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

The premisses of this study were based on creating a contemporary and sustainable architectural object, where the easy living space associated with a constant dialogue "inside / outside", gave rise to a dwelling designed for two users with reduced mobility.
The design of spaces that compose this architectural piece is essentially a constant and ever-present dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces, where the nature of each one can reflect what he wants to be.
The interior spaces whatever the function combined with the exterior space for the garden which is open directly or indirectly to suggest its own function.
The garden is designed as if it were a set of interior spaces to relax or walk, without a roof.
The constant presence of natural light to flood the interior spaces in several hours of sun exposure, is materializing and enrich the architectural piece, through a constant and interesting play of light and dark (light and shadow).
This piece of architecture intended for dwelling, reflects a very singular way to live and walk in the world by its users.
This is a project where attention to the specific characteristics of the materials used was a constant.
The Energy sustainability of this building can be divided into two chapters:
PASSIVE THERMAL SOLUTIONS-use ETICS System (Thermal Insulation on the outside), correction of thermal bridges from the foundation until the coverage, use of frames with a high break thermal coefficient, double glazing with thermal break and UV filters.

ACTIVE THERMAL SOLUTIONS-The HVAC system (taking into account the cuts / gains thermal envelope)
Produce of hot water, had as a condition for their design the use of Renewable Energy.

The permanent resource of new technologies associated with a construction will use new materials (Passive Thermal Solution), provided that the building received (Certification of Energy Performance and Indoor Air Quality "A +").