DOT Marc Jacobs

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Prize(s)1st Place in Other Products designs
Entry Description

Inspired from the natural creatures, the witty hybrid of ladybug (brings good luck)-butterfly bottle, she is the new sister to Marc Jacobs fragrances. Emotionally enriched, being avant-garde and at same time classically elegant... The over-sized wings are landed on the ladybug cap, little butterflies clipped on to the polka dot transparent red glass with a white pearl and black ball pins.


Sayuri Shoji is a Japanese designer who began her career in New York. She opened her boutique New York studio in 1998, her works include first solid Clear Candles for Sephora, Swatch Alarm Clock, H20 Fluid & Esprit Life fragrances, Patricia Wexler skincare line, art directed Shu Uemura advertising visuals (the likes of Tokyo Lash Bar, Filigree, Rebirth: makeup by Mr. Shu Uemura), DOT Marc Jacobs fragrance bottle... White her sabbatical leave she made a witty short film called "Borrowed Dog" in 2009, which become an official selection of Short Shorts Film Festival & AISA 2011.
Currently she basis in Tokyo and working on domestic and international design projects.