Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Home Interior Products / Switches, Temperature Control Systems
Entry Description

As one of the world’s first room operating units with an innovative Glass-Touch-Technology, Thanos from Thermokon combines modern design with intuitive operation controls. Typical applications for energy-efficient green buildings can be controlled by a vitreous touch-screen-technology. Integrated sensors for room temperature and humidity provide an individual ambience. The information are transmitted wirelessly.
The sensitive operating clip - made of aluminium - composes an ideal contrast in combination with the glass surface. High-quality materials turn Thanos into an exclusive design-oriented experience in living and office rooms. Keep in touch with the future!


Thermokon has committed to a responsible use of natural resources and the climate protection. With an experience of 25 years of international know-how and market experience, Thermokon is proud to contribute actively to a lasting reduction of the CO2 emission. Thanks to the core expertise in the field of sensors for heating systems and buildings, our technical know-how can be found in all our products and meets highest demands on technology and quality - worldwide. With branches in China, Sweden, Poland, Austria and sales offices in Russia we developed to a global player in the building automation sector. Thermokon's portfolio is exported in more than 80 countries, supported by various distributors.
Furthermore Thermokon is one of the promoters of the EnOcean Alliance, establishing a low-power batteryless RF technology to make buildings more energy-efficient, more flexible and more cost-effective. Ever since Thermokon was founded, the main pillars of our success in the international market have been a lasting performance and a continous development. The innovative room operating unit Thanos with a Glass-Touch-Technology is the newest one among them, providing for an intelligent and modern way of controlling individual ambience in hotels, residential homes and public buildings. So keep in touch with the future!