V Hotel

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Other
Entry Description

The “V” hotel develeped by Huanting Realestate in CBD of shenzhen, is a botique hotel. The intent of desing is not only to meet the functional needs of a hotel, but also to encourage uniquity of the space. It influnces the guest with its artistry and design. In the following content, we shall guide you through the space and explaining the concept of desinge.
The first floor is a welcoming space of the hotel. It’s function is mainly for concierge with a lounge bar attached. The intereior design of the space calls out the themes of “erth energe”. The black marble on the wall together with the earth tone marble on the floor provokes energy and warmth. On the interior side of the glass façade, numerous branches of tree are hanging from ceiling to floor. It creates abstract scenery of forest. It makes you feel like you’ve walked into a quite “forest” in a urban jungle.
The Japanese, Chinese and Three-meal restaurant in the hotel are not separated in isolated spaces. With a well thought out traffic flow, it allows the guest to travel through different restaurants feely with restrain yet not loosing its privacy. The color scheme of material here is mainly grey, white and plain wood color, restating its low-key luxury concept, simple with class. Contemporary art has been installed through out the entire space. The consistency of design has been carrying on.
The guestroom level is located on 28th-37th floor. The interior design of the guestroom has well respected the architectural design of the building. It simply re-touch the space with bold materials and structures that harmontaniously blends in.
With a combination of comtemporary design of guestroom and public space, the “V” hotel making it’s existanc as and perfect urban hide in the city of shenzhen.


Paul as an experienced Interior Designer who had worked in the field of hospitality design for more than 20 years, has been always willing to explore within his profession, in pursuit of new innovation. He is specialized in resolving complex space planning, his style of design is moderate yet with its own versatility, he has his unique way of playing with colors and forms to create interesting spaces. Through series of co-operation with brand hotel management companies along with real-estate developers, he has gained many successful on hand experience both in the aspect of design and also providing Interior Design service as needed. He truly understood the fundamental of harmony in function and form for hotel design, and successfully intergrading the concepts and values of a hotel management company into the characteristic of every project.
Paul believes there is a kind of beauty which is timeless and non regionally. It could be understood by both eastern world and western world, in ancient time or in present. It transforms inbetween classic and mordern, as it is presented in different ways, act as the ultimate objective both personal and public in design. By understanding there is no end to his path in his prefession. By the process of making innovation that touches perple’s heart, he realized deeply, freedom results from self-discipline, space expansion results from convergenc. Innovation that inspires all culture and stands the test of time is definitely created with piety and devotion from the bottom of his heart.