GE Residential Wattstation

Lead Designer
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Prize(s)1st Place in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation
Entry Description

The GE WattStation wall mount is an electric vehicle charging station that is designed for private homes and garages. Bringing the beauty and convenience of charging to the home, the residential Wattstation works to make it as easy as ever to own an electric vehicle and reduce your carbon footprint.
The warm and inviting design of the residential Wattstation ensures that it can fit into any home environment without monopolizing space. The rounded surfaces are very welcoming and work to translate new and foreign technology into an easy to understand unit. The interface uses LED lights to indicate when the car is finished charging, and the cable conveniently wraps around the unit to keep the area clean and protect the cord. It is also easily mounted on any wall and can either be hardwired for permanent installation or simply plugged, allowing consumers to decide how they want to integrate the technology into their homes.
Adding to the convenience of the WattStation wall mount is GE's Smart Grid technology, which enables the station to charge an electric vehicle in 4-8 hours, compared to the typical 12-18. The unit has a power button that can completely shut it off, ensuring that there is zero energy consumed between uses. The material considerations ensure that the unit can be installed indoors or outdoors, easily shrugging off rain, sleet and even ice.
The residential Wattstation brings the ease of electric vehicle charging to your home and private spaces. Instead of traveling to the gas pump or public EV charging station to power their car, the residential Wattstation puts the power at the hands of the consumers. Simply drive up, plug in and start charging. The friendly design and ease of use aids the spread of this important, sustainable technology.