San Sebastian new access points to the subway

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

Conceived for a closed competition, the idea of this project was to enpower an element of public transport and transform it into a space of social and recreational content, as well as to create an identity element of the city.
The proposal was to imagine other uses to occupy the coverage of the access point, with small incisions and a program form, an initial base of a combinatorial system that can be amplified.
The design in question, is neither contextualized by its shape or its texture, but by the way they are exploited, the expected reaction of the appropriation through its spontaneous occupation.


architect, born in the marvelous city of S?o Paulo, graduated in 1976 from Mackenzie University, made films until the age of 30, and then decided on architecture. Major projects: Casa Du Plessis (ASBEA and Record House Awards, 2004), Casa Gama-Issa (ASBEA Award and short list World Architecture Award 2002), Casa BR (IAB Award 2004 and Record House 2005), Casa Cury, Hotel Fasano (short list Wallpaper Design Award 2005), Microbiology Museum (IAB Award 2002) and recently 2 houses in Spain, one in Alabama, and a Villa in Milan, and the disarranged Micasa Store Vol.B. In 2007 and 2008 received 10 international awards such as the International Bienal Barbara Cappochin in Padova, Italy with the Micasa Vol_B project, the ?Yellow Pencil? from the D&AD Award, London and the Dedalo Minosse in Vicenza, Italy for the Primetime nursery.

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